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Wholesale Jewellery Gift Packaging - Swarovski

Wholesale Jewellery Gift Packaging - Swarovski

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Wholesale jewellery gift packaging 

Branded gift packaging including gift boxes, charm boxes, ring boxes, bracelet boxes, gift bags, ribbons, wrapping paper, tissue paper and more.

Also some jewellery displays, banners etc. Whole jewellery shop equipment from closed down shop.

Product information - measurements

XSmall ribbon bag - 12.5 x 10cm

Small ribbon bag - 15.5 x 11.5cm

Small corded bag - 14.5 x 10.5cm

Tall ribbon bag - 32 x 15cm

Medium ribbon bag - 26 x 25cm

Large ribbon bag - 32 x 30cm

Large corded bag - 37 x 32cm

XLarge corded bag - 44.5 x 40cm


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